It has come to our attention that an unauthorized entity is fraudulently using our company name, "Capital Siding, Windows & Roofing," and our logo to deceive homeowners by producing and distributing fake invoices. This is an attempt to mislead and scam our valued customers.


    What you need to do:


    1. Verify Before Payment: Before making any payments based on an invoice received that claims to be from "Capital Siding, Windows & Roofing," please verify its legitimacy by contacting our official number or email (found on this official website).

    2. Suspicious Activity: If someone claims to represent our company and you find their behavior or documentation suspicious, please contact us immediately for verification.

    3. Share this Information: Inform your neighbors, friends, and family of this scam to prevent any further victims.


    Your trust is paramount to us. We are taking all necessary steps to address this situation, and we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Remember, the best defense against scams is awareness and caution. Always verify before taking action.


    For any doubts, suspicions, or additional information, please contact our official customer support. We appreciate your understanding and continued trust in "Capital Siding, Windows & Roofing."