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This isn’t usually a tell-all sort of column, but … oh, the men I’ve had hanging around all summer.

The neighbors noticed all the pickup trucks and other manly vehicles around my house right from the start this spring. They’d pose polite questions – worried about yet another stranger who’d come calling. But eventually, they stopped asking.

It started online, as most of these things do these days (1, see key below). I found a few guys who looked like good prospects and gave them a call.

After I started hanging out with Jeff, a favorite (2), he introduced me to a few of his friends. First, there was Ame and his posse (3). They popped up in the most unlikely places (4) and left me with a warm feeling. Randy opened new doors for me (5). What more can I say? Then, it was Don, Kevin and Don Sr. (6). They were a bit destructive at first, stripping away old walls I’d hid behind for years (7), but steadily and with great skill, they left me with a whole new outlook (8). Jeff made sure I was happy with their company the whole time, calling or e-mailing to check on me.

Next, he sent Jim and his pal John (9). They were around for about a week, but my brush with them left behind bright new colors for my world.

And through it all was Rick (10). Oh, sure, I knew he was married. His wife is one of my best friends. When this crazy summer started, I even told her I loved him. She looked slightly puzzled but smiled and nodded.

I felt no guilt when I saw Rick’s face first thing most mornings for weeks this summer. He had advice for me (11). He watched out for me (12). And he even spoke up when he thought the other men, in my summer weren’t treating me right (13).

Sure, at times it got ugly (14), but I knew it was all for the sake of improvement (15).

But now, it’s over. They’ve all moved on.

My neighbors are no doubt relieved that the traffic and noise have! ended. They even compliment me on my improved color and overall appearance.

The cat is relieved he’ll no longer have to jump out of bed when pickup trucks park at the curb (16).

I guess I’m a little relieved, too. There’s only so much pounding (17) a body can take.

And there’s nothing broken. I chose my summer men wisely.

In fact, all these men left behind something wonderful (18). There’s not a day that will go by that I won’t look around me and appreciate the warmth, color and beauty they brought to my life during this very special summer (19).


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1. Angie’s List – a consumer network where homeowners rate providers of services such as rooters, plumbers and carpenters

2. Jeff Moore of Capital Siding and Windows, the contractor I chose for my home improvement project this summer.

3. Ame OIson of Houle insulation, which put insulation in my attic and walls.

4. Like attic vents in the roof.

5. Everyday Garage doors. Randy installed two new garage doors.

6. The Martins – father, son and grandson who did the siding work.

7. Removed the old sliding.

8. New Maxitile siding on my 60-year-old house.

9. Jim Oberfrank and his assistant, John, house painters.

10. A carpenter and friend who worked on the project.

11. Rick went through bids and material choices with me.

12. Rick worried when my bike and car were both in the garage and I didn’t seem to be home.

13. He had me ask questions about materials, installation, insulation.

14. Dust everywhere, trampled hostas, a bare-dirt lawn in places and huge Dumpster in front of my yard

15. Home improvement.

16. The cat spent most of the summer hiding under my bed during construction.

17. Of nails.

18. A house that’s insulated, sided, painted and lookin’ good.

19. My house is a thing o’ beauty for many years to come.

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